Ignatian Workshop at Haden Dream and Spirituality Conference

Ignatian Decision-Making: Buzz Lightyear’s Inner Voice…and BEYOND!

Thursday, May 28, 9:30-10:15 am

sign up for this online conference (May 24-29) at hadeninstitute.com

This conference overlays Jung’s concept of dreams with a spiritual component to illustrate how dreams come in the service of health and wholeness, individually and globally.

Just as Karl Jung was a keen observer of human nature, so too was Ignatius of Loyola, centuries earlier.  Ignatius’ insights and techniques involve not only reason, but also emotion, desire, and active imagination.

 I start the lecture with a humorous comparison to action figure Buzz Lightyear finding his inner voice, and I quickly move to Ignatius, who over time became a true contemplative in action with insights worthy of Jung!

If you are facing a big decision or a small decision, or no decision right now, join this online conference and come to this workshop to find some methods that might work for you when you need them.

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