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“A debut Christian guide focuses on finding God through meditation. …The author
combines a layering of standard Jungian ideas of the collective unconscious with a
reading of classic and contemporary Christian texts. She mixes this conceptual
grounding with strong elements of her personal story…. Certainly Archer’s
convictions come across as sincere and unaffected throughout; her narrative voice is
consistently direct and engaging. A personally involving journey to the world of
spiritually directed prayer meditation and individual encounters with God.”

Kirkus Review

Shared imagination by Mary Ann Archer is an intimately graceful and thoughtful work of spirituality, a book teeming with Spirit.  And it is a daring book – because it presumes God has more for us all the time, and because it shows us ways to access and share that more.

The heart of this book lies in the myriad experiences of actual spiritual aliveness occurring in the lives of women, and some men, who participate in group (and individual) spiritual direction.  The specificity, the color, the ah-hah moments, the depth of self-realization, the awareness of God on the move in each life is breathtaking.

Rev. Dr. Robin Hawley Gorsline, (he, him; they, them) Poet *Queer Theologian



Margaret Bigger, author of 14 non-fiction books


Shared Imagination offers us a groundbreaking application of Ignatian imaginative prayer practices to group spiritual direction.  Firmly rooted in scriptural and spiritual tradition, each group meeting using this approach includes imaginative meditation, confidential conversation, and a closing worship service.

This rich resource is highly recommended for use by spiritual directors and others interested in spiritual growth group work.  It offers not only a sound introduction but also vivid glimpses into what people have experienced in these groups.

Dr. Anne Winchell Silver, Director of Spiritual Direction Programs, The General Theological Seminary, NY, NY; author, Trustworthy Connections: Interpersonal Issues in Spiritual Direction